Ideas and thoughts


It took me a while to structure what was vaguely floating in my mind to a (relatively) more precise thought. I don’t have all the pieces yet, but here’s what I know:

1. I want to indulge deeply with the technologies of the future with a strong focus on how seamlessly they can merge with what we do, in other words, hardware - software integration. I observe the two hurling towards each other faster than ever before, almost becoming indistinguishable in certain instances. It is fascinating how every hardware is beginning to have some kind of software, and how every software is beginning to have some kind of hardware. I believe that we as designers of tomorrow would need to master this skill and develop better ways of integration rather than slapping a screen on everything.

2. I would also like to focus on product aesthetics. Over the years I have come to realise its importance, and though I have always been good at designing functional products, aesthetics hasn't been my forte. To be clear, I do not mean aesthetics for aesthetics sake or aesthetics for ornamentation, but the kind of aesthetics that interests me is more where form follows function. And for this reason, I have always been utterly fascinated by Scandinavian Design and find it very aligned with my thinking. Hence, I would like to work on projects were product aesthetics is significantly important too.

3. I am passionately driven to design products that reach the hands of people it was intended for. The products that have the ability to have a large positive impact (directly or indirectly), instead of being stowed away in repositories, portfolios or worse - museums. I am more focused on application, implementation and democratisation of design and hence would like to work as close to the user as possible. For this reason, I am looking to do my graduation as an internship with design studios and also companies were design is highly valued (like Lego, Ikea, etc.) and where there is a clear motive for implementation. This would not just help me contribute better with my skills but also the opportunity to learn from the experience.

To conclude, I am looking for projects that are dealing with hardware-software integration, have aesthetic value and are driven towards direct user-centered implementation. I have already approached a few companies, and have plans of approach a several more in this week. I would like to discuss with you my approach and reflect upon my motivations.