New life to old jars.


This project began as a thought on how can the sturdy glass jars that we so often discard after use can be put to better use. We soon discovered that these jars are the perfect size for a coffee or tea mug and one only needs to attach a handle to it. 

Thus began the exploration into various ways of attaching a handle, with several quick prototypes made to test the viability of every option. Once we fixed on an elastic band a plastic handle as the way to go, several more ideas were sketched out to discover the best and the most cost effective design keeping in mind both ergonomics and mass manufacturability of the product. 

The final product was created using pop colors to appeal to the millenials with special focus on making it affordable as well. Apart from design the product, I was also tasked with design a marketing campaign to crowdsource the funds for the manufacturing which was successfully completed. 

The product is now available for purchase across several retail and online stores and as of last update is selling quite well.