Dear Lego,

This is where I try and convince you why I am the best candidate for the internship and how I can contribute to Lego as a designer. 


Let me start out by addressing the most clichéd thing you probably hear: "I love toys and kids!". There's proof of that in the trunk full of tinkered toys at my home, in the tears that roll down my cheeks at the end of Toy Story 3 and in the passion in my voice while arguing why the Lego Batman is the best Batman ever. 

In addition to that, I have actively worked on project with kids in the recent years which has cemented the fact that this is the field of design I truly enjoy the most in. I have worked on small project like a smartphone connected story book for kids, to a fun bookmark. One of my proudest projects however, is Onky, which is a medical toy for children with immunity related illnesses.

My passion for designing for kids and play completely matured during my recent internship with Amsterdam based design firm UNGA, where I have learnt how to gauge children's emotion and design accordingly. Unfortunately, I can not fully disclose the details of my project there, but I am sure it would excite you.

In addition to toys, I have always loved technology, in all forms and factors. I am excited by its exponential growth and the potential that comes with it. I am completely self-taught in this aspect and have learnt by doing, failing and doing again. I have loved tinkering with electronics by working on small hobby projects to full-fledged prototypes.

In addition to electronics, I have also been keenly interested in working with software, leading to development of simple fun apps with my friend. I am currently fascinated with image processing and deep learning, and am working on a project with a team to explore its potential.

This brings me to my final point: how all of that can be useful to Lego. I believe toys have the unique ability to make learning fun and palpable. I have been mulling over thoughts of making toys a medium for learning ever since I took an elective on Open-ended play during my masters. I am aware that several toys already exist that help kids learn programming and other rudimentary things. However, I believe the technology and problems of tomorrow would require a different approach rather than the conventional. I have narrowed down what I believe would be the most important concepts to learn in the near future:


Artificial Intelligence


Big Data


Climate Change

I would love to focus on how these concept can be used in play to make it more fun and educational. That said, I would also be open to other assignments that are already under consideration within Lego that align with my broader vision.

For my graduation: I am deeply passionate about working with technology, mainly focusing on hardware-software integration, the seamlessness of which is very essential. I have always been good at making functional products, but I wish to work on making products aesthetically great as well, through inspirations from Scandinavian Design philosophies. Lastly, I would love to design for kids and play, not just because that is something that I enjoy, but also because I believe positively influencing a child has the highest long-term impact.

And that's what I would strive to do, if given an opportunity. To design with all my heart for greatly impacting the world, one smart toy at a time. Thank you.