Bookmarks with a pencil.


How often does it happen that you’re reading an engrossing book and you come across a piece of text that really takes your fancy. You want to mark it for future reference, but you look around and there isn’t a pencil or pen in sight and you are too cozy to get up and go look for one. Markem aims to solve that very inconvenience by fusing the pencil with the bookmark that you always carry with your book. Several quick prototypes were made to discover the most cost effective method.

After several trial and error, an ingenious solution was found that made use of the easily available double sided tape to secure the pencil leads in place. 

Graphic design with pop colors representative of brand identity of Gemklip was chosen.  

The product is currently for sale at several bookstores across India as well as used by several companies for corporate gifting and branding campaigns.