UI/UX Design

A collection of UI/UX design projects.


I have always been fascinated with designing for the digital world. The ease with which ideas can be implemented and delivered to millions of users is truly phenomenal. Hence, to explore the ideas that keep propping up during conversations, I started a project with a friend of mine called LotusBee to bring to life some of our crazy ideas.


Website and mobile app design for Indian travel and discover app



This app more as an experiment as we were playing around with some image recognition and AI tools to see what kind of problems we could solve. One of the ideas that popped up was being able to take a picture of your refrigerator and getting recipes for what to cook. Although the tech behind the app is not there yet, that is where we certainly want to get and would be working towards it.



Mobile app design for a side hobby project to design a simple application that pushes a daily one-liner from a topic of your choice.



Work-in-progress. Trying to build an application that makes the process of giving people gifts more enjoyable and effective.