Furniture from upcycled bicycles.


This project was done on the request of a client who wanted to create outdoor furniture by up-cycling bicycle parts. The project was undertaken by me from ideation to the final finished products, with occasional guidance from the director of Sylvn Studio, Mumbai. This project was a great lesson in both creativity and engineering. The process began with studying bicycle parts and then developing abstract yet recognisable forms with it. Several ideation sketches were made to explore the possibilities and new designs for furniture.

The design of chair with working pedals for footrest seemed to delight the clients the most. Once the design was finalised, detailed dimensions and CAD models were made to ease the construction. Local workshops with expertise in metal work and welding were approached to realise the product. After slight modi cation for manufacturability the furniture was powder coated to achieve a smooth finish. They were also coated with layers of weather proof varnish. Little quirks like bells and handles were added to add more life to the furniture. 

The end product was very well received by the client and the pedals were especially a delight for the children in the household. Post- production several new enquiries have come in for commission of larger number of the furniture to be used as bar stools