Presence of Touch

A more immersive VR expereince 


The most compelling VR experiences hinge on what people in the industry are calling 'presence'. It’s what happens when all the technical elements of the hardware and software come together to convince your brain that what you’re virtually experiencing is actually real. Currently, this is mostly achieved by visual and auditory senses. Which leaves room for three other sensory stimulus, most impactful of which could be touch.

How can products help enhance VR presence through haptic or tactile sensation?

There is a lot of effort in the same direction in the market, which is evident by observing the kind of research being done by them now. Following are few examples of those directions:

Based on these initial insights, I have been able to formulate the following research questions, which I believe could be interesting directions to pursue. 



How can objects from real world be brought into a virtual world?

Can you play a VR tennis game with your own tennis racket?



How can a single controller unit be used variably based on context?

Can the same controller be used both as a gun and a steering wheel?


How can physical environments be simulated in VR?

Can the gravity of moon be simulated in a game room?

I am immensely fascinated with VR/AR technologies and the unexploited potential it holds. Hence, I would be open to explore what other research directions could be interesting to scout, in addition to the ones mentioned above.